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The Emperor’s New Voice

examinations by a malcontent vocal altruist

Cake for a pair of jeans and a mullet.

I don’t drink coffee. But I love the smell of coffee and I do love the taste of coffee flavored foods. Ice cream, candy, desserts.  Tiramisu is my favorite. It is the single most perfect invention. Simple, smooth, flavorful. Nothing - I repeat - nothing can be enjoyed...

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.

Donate some clothes. Paint a room. Be okay with change. Change one thing for the better about your routine today. Help one stranger today. Laugh at least once per hour. Change one person’s mood for the better today. Smile every hour. Find a way to say “Yes” to what...

I am still learning.

Pick up a sport. Encourage the use and co-ordination of mind and body while interacting with others slightly more skilled than yourself. Learning is changing. Developed limitations are the same as unrealized potential. Encourage developing skill with character. Learn...

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